Exit 18 - Westport CT residents and ex-residents

Westport's Got it ALL

Short film made for the celebration of Westport, Connecticut's 150th anniversary in 1985. Many cameo appearances by local celebrities.

Neighborhoods of Westport, CTNeighborhoods_of_Westport.png

    Saugatuck – around the Westport railroad station near the southwestern corner of the town – a built-up area with some restaurants, stores and offices. Saugatuck originates from the Paugussett tribe meaning meaning mouth of the tidal river.

    Greens Farms – is Westport's oldest neighborhood starting around Hillspoint road and ending at Westport's boundary on the east side.

    Cockenoe Island (pronounced "KawKEEnee") – just off the southeastern coast of the town. Cockenoe Island was purchased by Westport for $212,740 from the United Illuminating Company in 1969 so that the company could not use the land to build a nuclear plant.

    Old Hill – west of the Saugatuck River and north of the Post Road, a historic section of town with many homes from the Revolutionary and Victorian eras. Prior to the road being called the Boston Post Road it was called the Connecticut Turnpike.

    Coleytown – Located at the northern edge of town, near the Weston town line. Home to Coleytown fire station, Middle and Elementary school.

    Compo – Located around the main beach in the town, Compo Beach. Compo (Compaug), can be traced back to the early Paugussett tribe and means the bear's fishing ground.

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