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1711 June 12     First meeting of the parish of Green's Farms Congregational Church, in what was at the time called the "West Parish" area of Fairfield.
1832     Parishioners from Green's Farms Congregational Church split off to establish Saugatuck Congregational Church.
1834     Cornerstone laid for Christ and Holy Trinity Church, at the corner of the Post Road and Ludlow St.
1835     Universalist Church established at 215 Main St.
1853     First record of Catholic services in Westport, in a small gathering at the Universalist Church.
1860     First Catholic church in Westport built, a small white building between Wright St. and Ludlow St., the First Church of the Assumption.
1863     Memorial Church of the Holy Trinity consecrated.
1900 April 22     The yellow brick First Church of the Assumption dedicated.
1921 December 11     St. Paul Lutheran Church opens, at 98 Riverside Ave.
1943 July 4     First Christian Science services held, at the Westport Inn.
1944     The two Episcopal Churches in Westport merge to become Christ and Holy Trinity Church.
1949     Christian Science Church built at 55 South Compo Road.
1950     Saugatuck Congregational Church is moved from South Compo Road to its present site on the Post Road, a distance of about 600 feet, at a rate of a foot a minute. The moving of the church was featured in Life magazine.
1950     The Bedford Fund acquires the Sunday school meeting house of the Saugatuck Congregation Church, and moves it in two sections to form the auditorium of the Westport Woman's Club at 87 Imperial Ave.
1950 November 30     A major hurricane hits Westport, killing two people, and knocking the steeple off the Green's Farms Congregational Church. The steeple spent two month on the church's front lawn, before being hoisted back up.
1957     St. Luke's Roman Catholic Church built.
1958 January 1     The New England Thruway opens. The Thruway, running through the middle of Saugatuck, had displaced 42 homeowners, and the Saugatuck Methodist Church.
1961 June 18     New St. Paul Church opens, at 41 Easton Rd.
1964 May 22     Rev. Martin Luther King preaches at Temple Israel.
1972     New and larger St. Paul Church built, with the previous church building now serving as the parish hall.
1980 September 28     First service at the new Christian Science Church at 55 South Compo Road.
1981 February 23     Wheeler House, at 25 Avery Place, is purchased from Christ and Holy Trinity Church as home of the Westport Historical Society.
1983     The soup kitchen serving the homeless free meals attracts the attention of Phil Donahue, who invites Human Services Director of Westport David Kennedy and Reverend Ted Hoskins of Saugatuck Congregational Church to appear on his show.
1994     Reverend Ted Hoskins of Saugatuck Congregational Church leaves Westport to the join the Maine Seacoast Mission.